Ban Appeal

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Ban Appeal

Postby sMawgy » Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:41 pm

SirTodd: Ok, that can happen. It was probably a temp ban for nading the spawn unless you were doing it a lot. I will make sure the ban is removed. What is your Battlefield name?

Also, on the HAND Page, we have a rules section. Please note the rules for next time. The most important rules are regarding the Red Zone/ Out of bounds and Nading the trapped spawns. These rules are necessary because the spawn protection gets glitched and prevents users from spawning.

I bought Hardline like a week ago and played on the HAND server and we captured all 3 points and were holding the enemy team in their spawn, and i glanced and saw the rule that you cannot throw grenades into spawn, and I thought "okay don't throw nades in their spawn." Then about 5 minutes later I picked up someone else's kit which had molotovs, and mindlessly threw them into the enemy spawn, and was banned. It genuinely was an accident that I didn't think through before doing it, and I'm here to try to get unbanned, so there's my story. And you, SirTodd was in the server when this happened. I'm sorry.

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