Disinfectant_boi ban appeal

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Disinfectant_boi ban appeal

Postby Lysol_ » Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:57 am

Thanks for reaching out. I banned you to put the brakes on you to protect fair players because hackers can clear out a server in no time. As a new player to the game, your stats are a little off for Hardline. It could be beginners luck but you can see the contrast between the two, almost double your BF4.

Hours: 112.46
KD: 1.12

Hours: 1.20
KD: 2.06

I will go ahead and remove the ban but please know if you were to continue playing like this, I would be very suspicious and likely ban you again. Your KD ratio is on par for some of the best players in the game (people that I have played thousands of hours with) or a top sniper and you were not sniping. You were using an ACWR and a 92FS pistol with no unlocks with a very high degree of accuracy.


Hello Sir Todd and other admins. I would like to discuss the recent ban that I received from your hardline server. but I would like to clarify something, I’m not hacking by any means. the reason for the low level is that I mainly play battlefield 4. Recently I got origin access which gave me the base game for hardline as well as battlefield one. The reason I got origin access was to play BF1 with my friends(as well as the sweet dlc and game discounts) but they weren’t online at the time so I decided to play some BF hardline but I notice that there were almost no servers to play on and the one other server that is poulated and available is a hardcore server which I am not a fan of. i really dont think it was justified to place a ban on my head for doing good at a low level(level 6-7).

i really want to be unbanned as this is only one of the two main servers left on hardline that are active and populated.

i hope this didn't come across as mean or annoying

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