I got banned on suspicion of spawn?

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I got banned on suspicion of spawn?

Postby BruninRJM » Sat Sep 01, 2018 12:53 am

No, that should not get you banned. We will kick or ban people for red zoning/ going into the enemy uncap base or nading the spawn. The rules are posted on the handgaming.org site for reference. What is the name on your account? I can check to make sure it's clear.


Was I banned from your server for spawning? I was behind a wall and at no time was I dishonest, not to mention that the server was with few players and because of that, I crouched inside the market and waited for some enemy movement.

If this is illegal, I apologize because it was the first time I played on the server and unfortunately there are not many BFH servers to play. :!:

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