New things you want to see on the server...

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New things you want to see on the server...

Postby Insanity_Ynot » Fri May 11, 2018 9:16 pm

Hi everybody !!!
I just want to post that to see want the players expect on the server.

It's a friendly server with only one map rotation.

I'd like to know if you maybe wanted to :
- have a new map rotation like 4 rounds of the block and 2 rounds of an other small map (can changed for a month)
- have a gun master game for a day in the week that can change all week (week 1 : shotguns ; week 2 : knifes ; week 3 : snipers...)
- new rules like nuke the winning team if the loosing team is trapped for more 5 minutes...

I just ask you to post all your ideas and we'll negociate that with the Boss (SirTodd) :lol:

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